NEON Library

The WashU NEON Compound Collection

The CDD has created a crowd-sourced small molecule collection, the WashU NEON collection, comprised of compounds synthesized or compiled for a variety of hit-to-lead and lead-to-candidate campaigns by CDD and/or other WashU investigators. This expanding chemical library is available free of charge, as pre-plated sets, to all WashU faculty with screen-ready assays to enable drug discovery research.  Should hits be identified from primary screening, additional compound may be provided, upon request, for follow-up validation assays. It is the intent for NEON to generate chemical starting points for in-house medicinal chemistry and drug target potency optimization, and potentially foster collaborative research connections between Wash U investigators. All compounds have been approved by the respective P.I.s for inclusion in the NEON collection.

Compounds are provided as 2µl at 10mM in 100% DMSO in Greiner 651261 96-well PP V-bottom plates.  Each plate contains 80 compounds, with Columns 1 and 12 kept empty.

To request a copy of the NEON library, please fill out the required questionnaire.

Direct completed questionnaires and questions to Maxene Ilagan, Director of the HTS Core: