Match Grant15

CDD Match Grant15 Program

The Center for Drug Discovery (CDD) established the Match Grant15 Award program to advance translational small-molecule drug discovery research at Washington University. CDD offers a full suite of preclinical drug discovery services and know-how. Capabilities range from drug lead finding utilizing the High Throughput Screening Core to Medicinal Chemistry-driven drug lead optimization, ADME profiling, and in vivopharmacokinetics for proof-of-concept in vivo pharmacology studies, intellectual property (patent) filing, and drug development.


Match Grant15 is an award for up to $15,000. The award covers 50% of CDD-facilitated work. The applicant is expected to provide the remaining 50% in an amount equal to the award.  For example, a researcher awarded a grant equal to $15,000 will provide $7,500 from another fund, CDD $7,500.

Eligibility criteria. Investigators with a faculty appointment at Washington University.

Submission deadline & notification. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis with notification within 4 weeks.

Award term. The funds are available for 1 year from the NOA date. Match Grant15 funding may only be used for purchases and services completed within the project period and cannot be used for expenses incurred prior to the award date.

Expectation. The Match Grant15 is viewed as a “hand-up” to generate preliminary data to enable successful extramural funding applications. Successfully completed projects are eligible to apply for follow-on Match Grant25 funding to generate additional supporting data that would improve likelihood of success of extramural grant applications.

Reporting. Final reports are required upon project completion. Investigators will be surveyed annually for 3 years after the award expires to capture the return on investment (e.g., publications, grant submissions, other outcomes) for the funding program.

Pre-consultation. Applicants are strongly advised to consult with CDD prior to submission.

Application process:

  • Download application form here.
  • Submit completed application along with a current Biosketch or CV to Ron Dolle.


Match Grant applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Apply now.