MicroGrant & LEAP Awardees

CDD MicroGrants

      Principal Investigator              Project Title or Type


Jeffrey Arbeit                             Ligand Trap

Jennifer Philips                          Efficacy Study

Christina Stallings                     High-Throughput Screening


Mike Montana                            Small molecule/peptide analysis

James Janetka                             Medicinal/Computational Chemistry

Jennifer Lodge                            High Throughput Screening

Thad Stappenbeck                     High Throughput Screening

Robert Gereau                            Medicinal/Computational Chemistry


Liang Shan                                   High Throughput Screening

Maggie Chen                               Medicinal/Computational Chemistry

Jim Janetka/David Sibley

Paul Kotzbauer

Anthony Orvedahl                     Medicinal/Computational Chemistry

Thomas Papouin                       Pharmacokinetics

Jeffrey Millman                           High-Throughput Screening

Greg Bowman                            High-Throughput Screening

Jason Weber/Pat Kung              High-Throughput Screening

Ben Majors                                 Chemical Synthesis


      Principal Investigator                   Project Title


Dirk Spitzer                                  Revolutionizing cancer therapy with TR3

Greg Grant                                   New paradigm for treatment of Tuberculosis


Jeff Milbrandt                              Developing molecules to inhibit activation and/or activity of SARM1

Maxim Artyomov                        Defining differences between itaconate and DMF

Russell Pachynski                        Enhanced immunotherapy of redirecting immune cells to tumors

          Gautam Dantas                           Assessment of stability of VT1 in solution

Thomas Girard                             Mab for prophylactic treatment of hemophiliacs

Kareem Azab                                Cellular delivery system for treatment and imaging of cancer

Milan Chheda                               Zika virus to kill cancer stem cells

David Curiel                                  Immunizing Virotherapy for Cancer

Brian Van Tine                              Inhibitor of cancer metabolism for rare disease

Paul Hruz                                       Novel treatment of fatty liver disease


Robyn Klein                                   Interferon lambda in Multiple Sclerosis

Stephen Pak                                  New Drug Treatments for Alpha-1-Antitrypsin Deficiency

Jennifer Philips                              Establish in vivo activity in mice by repeating acute mouse efficacy study

Hiroko Yano                                   Epigenetic therapy for Huntington’s Disease


David Curiel

Luigi Adamo/Douglas Mann

Sergej Djuranovic                        Use of polybasic peptides and polymers as antimalarial agents

Mark Sands/Bruno Benitez       Identifying Genetic Risk factors and Treaing Adult-Onset Neurological Disease

Jianmin Cui

Cristina de Guzman Strong       A Novel Precision Skincare cosmetic to Seal he Skin and Treat Vitamin D Deficiency

Kiran Mahajan                             KDM3A inhibitor scaffolds


Brian Van Tine                             Developing a Metabolic Inhibitor for the Treatment of Cancer

Rajan Sah                                     SN-40X, a First in Class Therapeutic for Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Jennifer Bubeck Wardenburg   Forward Defense against Staphylococcus aureus Infection

Olga Lubman/ Daved Fremont Protection of Transplanted Lungs Using Chemokine Decoy Receptors

Mark Rutherford